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Josepf Kinski and Death

Josepf Kinski and Death

Not yet available in English.

The feeling of waking up inside a grave was a new experience to me.

In 2009, Melker Garay released his second novel, Josef Kinski och döden (Josef Kinski and Death).

It is a novel in which different views about death are discussed. Death and its meaning becomes elusive, something evasive. Death will not allow itself to be portrayed through theoretical reasoning, and in that aspect death is a question of experience - we get to know death through life in various ways.

Published by: Norlén & Slottner.
Illustrations: Ulf Lundkvist.

From the text on the back cover:

To his surprise, a barber is given the task of writing a book about the gravedigger Josef Kinski's thoughts about death. The conditions could have been better, as the barber himself is dead and buried in a church graveyard. Nonetheless he succeeds. By visiting Josef and reading his diaries and letters, he gets an insight into Josef's peculiar world. "Josef Kinski Och Döden" is a captivating and multi-layered novel about death, written with a humorous undertone.

Excerpt from the novel »


A serious venture. Stylistically distinct, sometimes ironic, sometimes conflict-less – an earnest observation with a certain bite.
Corren, Åsa Kristoffersson

“… a linguistic class and feeling that surpasses a lot of which is produced in Swedish today. Garay is a talented and linguistically competent author and his potential is indubitable.
Tidningen Kulturen, Lars Wikström

There is a concrete directedness in his way of writing, when he displays a sharp sense for the dilemma of death.
Skånska Dagbladet, Thomas Almqvist