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The Rat and Other Evil Stories

The Rat and Other Evil Stories

In 2013, Melker Garay released a collection of short stories that all deal with a timeless topic: Evil.

Published by: Norlén & Slottner
Cover illustration: Stefan Teleman

At the back of the book is the following text:

What is evil? Melker Garay's skilfully written stories come close, far too close, crawl under your skin and show what evil can look like.

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Listen to David Tigranov's interpretation of "The Cross" »

Russian Vakhtang Kalandadze - Вахтанг Каландадзе - world-leading in beatboxing and European champion in 2015, with singer Ilya Zudin - Илья Зудин - have co-composed music to the short story The Locomotive, which can be found in The Rat. Now available on Spotify: