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Böckerna Råttan och Fågelskrämman

Throughout all ages, cultures and societies man has virtually sought to understand life, the world and themselves through fiction. To narrate, sing and create literature have been attempts to approach our existential living conditions. Through reading, interpreting and contemplating our collective stories, we are able to develop as human beings and as citizens, as well as develop in our professions.

Today, people acquire fiction through a variety of mediums. However, literary fiction remains a steadfast portal to insight and knowledge. Several educational programmes use literary works of fiction as means of study, including modules in health, law and leadership. The Social Work programme at Mälardalens University College is now using Mr Garay’s two short story collections, The Rat and The Scarecrow as coursework for discussions in ethical questions.

"Melker Garay’s visit lead to an intelligent and emotional conversation about existential questions. The Russian students were very inspired and are now eager to learn all there is to know about Swedish literature and identity."

Tamara Torstendahl Salytjeva, director for Russian-Swedish study and research centre at RGGU in Moscow

"These two volumes, The Rat and The Scarecrow, give rich opportunities for reflection. They are short, very compressed, stripped texts, that deal with very large questions."

Ann Heberlein, lecturer at Lund University

"To use literary fiction in my teaching gives the students fine tools to discuss philosophical and existential questions that are directly tied to reality."

Sylvia Olsson, lecturer at Mälardalens University Collegea